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Sara Jade Alfaro, b. 1992
Some say she first appeared as a Zeus-ian gold shimmer. Others say she was made from clay, moulded by divine hands and sent into the throes of suburban Canada. Yet, some even suspect she was raised by wolves, which would explain her penchant for raw meat, lunar activity and the occasional howl. 
Nobody knows for sure. But something we do know, is that everybody loves a good origin story. Moreover, everybody loves a good story. And luckily, that's what I do. I'm here to bring you a good story. 
Just ask:


Victories (2019) - California Music Videos Awards Winner - This Rocks

Supernatural Selection (2016) - Toronto Urban Film Festival Nominee - Waking Nightmares
Invasive (2013) - Fokus Film Festival Winner - Judge's Choice Award

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