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Taika Waititi is every single bit as amazing up-close. Just so we are clear. 

Celebrate the Samoan spirit of team with these NEXT GOAL WINS limited edition sportswear and accessories in collaboration with Accompany in partnership with artist Yuki Kihara.


Starring the inimitable Taika Waititi and gorgeous, sharp-shooting Jaiyah Saelua.

Accompany Creative x Next Goal Wins

Agency: Accompany Creative

CEO: Jason Keehn

Creative Director/ Copywriter: Montana Grae

Creative Director: Richard Austin

Executive Producer: Greg Jaroszewski



Executive Producer: Ian Webb

Executive Producer: Farrah Khal

Executive Producer: Hayley Taylor

Head of Production: Colin Walker


Dir: Sara Jade Alfaro-Dehghani

Producer: Greg Jaroszewski

Line Producer: Colin Walker

Producer / PM: Tyler Klementti

1AD: Chris Simon

DP: Grant Cooper

Art Director: Christian Gunn

Photographer: Brendan George Ko

Camera Op: Moe Marino

1AC: Eric Schweiger

2AC: Avigal Levona

Key Grip: TJ Richardson

Gaffer: Ibrahim Issa

Best Grip: Sonny Bowman

Best LX: Chris Perkins


CineSupport: Stefan Pydiura


Stills assist: Nathan Cyprys

Sound recordist: Reid Goobie

Location scout / Manager: Robb Derushe

HMU: *searchlight squad*

Special Thanks: Christina Rubiales

Wardrobe Stylist: Rachel Ludlow

Costume Designer: Neil Griffiths

Key PA: Cameron

Production Assistant: Erik Nyhuus

Starring: Paul Vinalon

Football / Sport consultant: Arman Mohammadi

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