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Matt Fasullo is a lovely human and a wonderful collaborator. He called with a track and a couple weeks to turn something around, and I had a chance for the first time in a while, to just make something fast and fun and vibe-y. Always wanted to play around with invisible man effects. This just made me want to do more. 

Matt's sound is unique and cinematic, which made it enjoyable to write visual accompaniment from the get. Also it doesn't hurt that he's an absolutely lovely human and gave us free rein of the creative to mix things up. What resulted was two days of shooting through my condo block and a whole lot of experimentation that could only be assembled and VFX-ed by the talented multi-hyphenate Tiffany Wice. Tiff was the backbone of the project, and without it, we wouldn't have been able to put something together in time for the release. Grateful to still have the opportunity to explore mvs. 

OHSOPROUD Matt Fasullo - Music Video

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Sara Jade Alfaro & Matt Fasullo
Associate Producer / PM Tyler Klementti
Director of Photography Santiago Trugeda

1AC Katja De Bourbon

Key Grip / Gaffer Vitaliy Novokov

Editor/ VFX Tiffany Wice
Colourist Jordan Benegbi @ The Vanity

Special thanks to: Messy House TO, Shima K Marand, Ontario Camera, Grant Cooper DP

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