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KENZY / SHORT (2017)

Kenzy and her mother left their home in Cairo for a true high school experience in the Canadian suburbs. And of all the towns in all the Canadian suburbs in the world, she walks into mine...

Kenzy was a force of nature. She was the youngest of a large Egyptian family of doctors, the only one destined to become an artist. It's like she came out of nowhere. In the year she spent in Canada, she picked up all kinds of new habits and hobbies, a real testament to the resilience of young people. She and her mother stumbled into our home in the middle of the night after flying a red eye and stayed with us as they sourced a place to stay. I got to learn new things about Kenzy all the time, and learn about the things they left behind: culture, language and family specifically. 

KENZY: A Screentest Short Film

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Director of Photography Maria Sartzetaki


Kenzy Abouelhassan

Editor Maria Sartzetaki

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