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aka. Two cool chicks in Oslo and one semi cool chick on Toronto trying to bridge the gap over lockdown. 

Somehow over the internet me and the the girls first connected and we quickly found out way onto a call where I said as plainly as I could: I wanna shoot a thing with you both. I sent a treatment, to which they responded: "oh wow, you weren't kidding." ​I put a lot of work into it, and this little outfit out of Oslo was just emerging at the time. We put our heads and nickels together to find a way to tell a story about a friendship that lasts the ages. The story of two best friends. 

This way, we could shoot with two older women without concerns of needing the actual band present in Canada. Genius. 

So we did it. A few bumps along the way - like one of the two older women actors fleeing mid-shoot, resulting in her replacement by my makeup artist in a pink padded dress. She was an odd duck who overheard that we were going to stick her in a coffin. It turns out we were, but she missed the part where the coffin was an inflatable pool toy. It was kind of surreal but somehow it got done, all on the 20-something acres of farmland my family owns in the Prince Edward County. 


Duet by FLTY BRGR GRL Music Video 

Production Company Merchant

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Colin Walker
Director of Photography Grant Cooper

1AD Peter Widdrington

2AD Shima K Marand

Production Designer Nikayla Van Asperen

Set Dresser Tom Wornes

Wardrobe Stylist Murphy MacDonald

Hair & Makeup Artist Samantha Ryan 

1AC Tom Wood

2AC / Swing Nate Belgrave

Gaffer David Grif

Key Grip Timur Aliev

Custom Art Construction Alexander Jay Alfaro 

Choreographer Victoria Gubiani 

Carolina Batica

Susan Touchbourne


Samantha Ryan

Editor Graeme Leung
Colourist James Graham @ Alter Ego Post

Special Thanks to Spencer Ryerson

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