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Meet Me At The Haunt was our approach to reworking the Greek Odyssey, peppering in a cast of real Canadian artists in a surrealist Toronto where skateboards are the main way to get around.

The shoot took two days and we finally got a chance to take over the Toronto Reference Library, which was always a personal dream of mine, and every bit as majestic as I imagined. We didn't use a whole lot of the library but there's something magical to being in a big space filled the knowledge of the world, and where you are forced to whisper. What could be better. 

All skating and skateboard expertise came from Yumi, Ju, Grant and pals from the Brockton Haunt community. 

Always imagined a three part series to this story. Who knows, maybe one day. 

“Meet Me At The Haunt” | Brockton Haunt

Production company Merchant
Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Colin Walker
1AD Peter Widdrington
Production Manager Tyler Klementti
Director of Photography Grant Cooper

1AC Eric Schweiger
2AC Avigal Levona
2AC Jose Perron
Gaffer Timur Aliev

Key Grip Vitaliy Novikov
Swing / Package Driver Zak Rist

Sound Recordist Jake Moss & Babatunde Ajani

Make Up Artist Samantha Ryan
Wardrobe Stylist Emma Jonas

Production Designer Jessica Gruneberg-O'Reilly
Art Director Nikayla Van Asperen

Picture vehicle Sasha's Cars

Spencer Glassman
Yumi Sakura Lee
Elsa Gebremichael AKA Wild Black
Thaddeus Heng

Cam Kahin
Annabelle Rodicq
Camryn Kunst

Martha Breen

Leon Obrascovs

Music Composer Ive Delic
Voice direction Lindsey Gardner

Sound Engineer David Worthen at Vapor Music
Special thanks to Gabrielle Clarke

Editor Paul Skinner
VFX / Motion Graphics Tiff Wice
Colourist Yuri Cabrera @ Kook Colour

Original BH Logo design by Bree Rawn

Special Thanks to Julie Kell, Ievy Stamantov, Lebni Avitia & our friends at Ontario Camera

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