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At one point, I worked in fintech and took megabus rides from Montreal to Toronto to shoot music videos. I had a kind and eccentric boss who let me arrange all my work hours so that I could run off to make movies with friends. 

This music video was a collaboration with three girls in a band called Tange, who couldn't have been older than 19 at the time but totally kicked ass. They've since become quite accomplished artists in their own right, and it was my first opportunity to make something for myself, while contemplating the inevitable move to Toronto. It was impossible to run back and forth filming in Toronto and working in Montreal, but I hadn't nailed the film scene in Montreal and it seemed like all roads led to Tdot. I ended up moving there near the end of 2017, with a job offer as a coordinator at a local commercial production company. Little did I know it was my first foray into directing ads. 

VICTORIES by Tange Music Video 


Music and Lyrics by TANGE

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro

Producer Tim Sharpe & Maria Sartzetaki

1AD Julia Blackwell

Director of Photography Brad Cherry

1AC Adam Wicklam

Key Grip Robert Wharry

Production Assistant Shima K Marand

Production Designer Allana Ward

Wardrobe Stylist Jasmine Nichols

Make-up Artist Chloe Jeong


Kenzy Abouelhassan

Anthony Jhade

Madison Graves

Stennie Bell

Editor Eli Spiegel 

Colorist Jason Zuckowski @ Redlab

Post Producer Pallavi-Joshi Firby

Conform Editor Heather McDowell

Special Thanks to Fariba Dehghani

Alexander Alfaro

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