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Carla, aged 26 (but FEELS more like 25) is ready to get back out into the world, after a harrowing breakup with a man named Carl. Through trials and tribulations, and the occasional calming ASMR video, she manages to find a strategy in tackling the curveballs that come with modern heartbreak.

I think the projects that worked out the best in my personal experience were the ones where I kind of had no clue what I was doing, and so I sort of floated through the process and really went with what my gut suggested. It was an unadulterated time in making things, and I had just gotten settled in Toronto and just started to meet very talented young people who were giving me the time of day. 

It was the first time I addressed myself being a director and truly had such a remarkable crew and collection of support and talent that it really was the springboard for many future relationships, opportunities and so on. 

It hadn't occurred to me at the time that many of the people who agreed to help me on the project were so seasoned and very much pros of their line of work - I only discovered this much later. People like Paul Skinner has made films like Code 8 just before, and were now taking the patient and very hands-on approach to working with me in the editing room. I never once felt like I didn't know what I was doing, because everyone gave me so much credit. It was a treat. I look back often now at this film in complete fondness, as it still rings true and gives me that sense of comfort that what I had set out to do (tell a relatively simple story about a girl in a house who was kinda sad and kinda neurotic and kinda mad) ended up exactly how we wished it would. 

I will say that this was also my first entry into festivals. Just as I had received a couple of nice reviews and acceptances, I also received many rejections, of which one of my favourites included a written review (which i paid for) from some guy who sent me something along the lines of "what at first appears beautiful and deep is in fact, quite shallow and just looks good." 


I'll take it. (I mean, ouch, and I think you're a jackass, and how can I have your job, Sir?!) but I'll take it!  

After All These Years (How Could I Possibly Go Back Out There?) Short Film

Written by Sara Jade Alfaro & Luke O'Brien 

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Mikayla Fasullo & Vita Mikolajczak
Director of Photography Mat Barkley

1st AD Bella Randazzo 


Rebekah Miskin

Denver Eastman


Kat Khan as Badminton Friend

Sal Fasullo as Gardening Man

Narration by Lindsey Gardner


Production Designer Bibi Wanjiro

Art Direction by Caitlin Smith


Wardrobe Stylist Rachel Ludlow

Wardrobe Assist Vivi Diaz

1AC Alex Clark  & Richard Gonzalez

Ronan Operator Dane Cutcliffe
2AC Tom Wood

Gaffer Andy Youn

Grip Satrio Prahasto & Liam Rosborough-Feltham



HMU Arielle Park 

Sound Recordist Randy Resh

Production Assistants Tyler Klementti

Spencer Banfield 

Max Whitworth 

Alexander Alfaro


On Set Photographer Louisa Nuebel

Editor Paul Skinner

VFX & Online editor Trevor Corrigan 
Graphics Designer Nathan Boone

Colourist Jason Zukowski @ REDLAB 

Voiceover casting by Vapor Music 

Voiceover Producer Alyssa Sinclair @ Vapor Music 

Voiceover Recordist & Engineer Sebastian Biega 

Music supervision by Grayson Matthews 

Post Audio Engineering by Chris Masson

Post Audio Producer Kelly McCluskey 


Peter Vanstone


Ontario Camera



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