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Sara Jade Alfaro | Director |  Selected Works

After All These Years (How Could I Possibly Go Back Out There?)​

(2020) | Short Film

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro 

Produced by Mikayla Fasullo 

Carla, aged 26 (but feels more like 25) is ready to get back out into the world, after a harrowing breakup with a man named Carl. Through trials and tribulations, and the occasional calming ASMR video, she manages to find a strategy in tackling the curveballs that come with modern heartbreak and finds joy in the little things. 

*currently in festival circuit*

pw: carl


Natural Processes (2020) | Music Video

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro 

Produced by Sara Jade Alfaro & Audrey Liskauskias

A young model enters her first session, learning quickly about the dynamics of being in front and behind the lens. 

Music video shot in collaboration with Seattle-based experimental band Sous Chef.

Victories (2018) | Music Video

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro

Produced by Tim Sharp & Maria Sartzetaki

We twist and turn down the rabbit hole with 14 year old Egyptian dancer Kenzy as she celebrates the little victories.

Music video shot in collaboration with Toronto indie-rock band Tange

Winner of California Music Video & Film awards in 2019 under category "This Rocks"

Nominee for "Best Movement (choreography). 

Meet Kenzy (screentest) | Short Film

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro

Produced by Sara Jade Alfaro & Maria Sartzetaki

A young Egyptian artist and dancer contemplates her craft and future after spending a year in the Ontario suburbs. 

Supernatural Selection (2016) | Director's Cut | Short Film

Directed bySara Jade Alfaro & Maria Sartzetaki

Produced by Sara Jade Alfaro & Maria Sartzetaki

A young woman prepares to face a monster.

Silent Short created for a 1 Minute film festival.

Screened at TUFF 2016, nominated under category "Walking Nightmares".

Dancing Girls (2014) | webseries

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro & Charlotte Delon

Produced by Sara Jade Alfaro & Charlotte Delon

Two Greek-Canadian sisters nervously anticipate and speculate about their freshly visiting French cousin, and grapple with a couple of cultural differences. 

Funded by TVM Student Television at McGill and screened at the FOKUS Film Festival

Sara Jade Alfaro | In Development  

I Can't Said the Ant | Short film 

Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro

Produced by Rebeca Ortiz & Colin Walker

When a teapot falls off of the kitchen counter, a household full of objects spirals into disarray, unable to help her up. Their only hope is a solitary ant who crawls into the room, completely unsuspecting the journey ahead... 

Based on Polly Cameron's 1961 children's book I Can't Said the Ant


" she dead?" 

asked the bread


"...she's gonna die!" 

said the fly


"how bleak!" 

said the leek


"how could this happen, my poor teapot?" 

she rolled over and murmured, 

"the tea was too hot."

Sara Jade Alfaro | Creative Collaborations

Liberation 75 (2020) | Short documentary 

dir. Dominique Van Olm

Produced by Sara Alfaro

75 years since the end of WW2, ‘Liberation 75’, explores how the world is shaped by crises and events that unfold around each generation through the experiences of five holocaust survivors as they revisit their past and look towards a brighter future.

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 2.28.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 2.29.31 PM.png

Sara Jade Alfaro | Treatments

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