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Weather girl becomes hooked on watching her own news reports. The longer she stays indoors, the more the weather comes after her. Based on that one Ray Bradbury short, a dash of Lynch, a nod to one of my favourite photographers Tania Franco Klein and a few other inspirations. 

Drawn Curtains - the first track of Beth Baine's debut album. You better check her out. 

Drawn Curtains Beth Baines - Music Video

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Grant Cooper & Sara Jade Alfaro
Writer Stephanie Wong Ken
Director of Photography Grant Cooper

1AC Eric Schweiger

Operator / AC Moe Marino

Gaffer Susan Liu

Swing Nikolai Kaigorodtcev

Production Assistant Shima K Marand

Production Assistant Nicolas Frenette

Production Assistant Tyler Klementti

SFX Construction Pedro Alfaro-Olguin

Editor Grant Cooper
Colourist Clinton Homuth @ ArtJail

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