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Taking the mystery out of sex since 1997. I immediately gravitated towards the brand philosophy - making information accessible to all. And having a great time doing it.  

I connected with Carlyle Jansen while preparing to teach up north and doing my quarantine time on Manitoulin Island. For those unfamiliar, that is an island located about 6.5 hours north of Toronto, which is also the largest freshwater island in the goddamn world. That's pretty epic, and it's Canadian

So while in December 2020 I was cooped up in a house in the town of Sheguindah, which boasts a population of about 154 people, going stir-crazy eating the same reserves of "clean meals" I packed for myself for two weeks of isolation, I also began to develop the beginnings of the spots for GFH. 

I connected with Carlyle and gave her my honest opinion - brands and shops that sell sex toys and try to work an angle in the sexual health market make it all too fashion. So many perfectly symmetrical papayas photographed, too many models in steamy bathrooms. Where's the down to earth unadulterated sexperts, who have great product and progamming and can still poke fun at it a little? 

The resulting GFH campaigns were our personal response to that question. 

"Bridal Shower" Good For Her Commercial

Production Company Merchant

Dir. Sara Jade Alfaro
Producer Rebeca Ortiz
Production Manager Tyler Kl
Director of Photo
graphy Nyssa Gluck


Production Designer Lori Atik

Wardrobe Stylist Rachel Ludlow

Hair & Makeup Artist Samantha Ryan 

Hair & Makeup Assist Nehnika Williams

1AC Brandon Chang

Key Grip Jarret Murray

Gaffer Dexter Calleja
Sound Recordist Michael Curtis

Production Assistant Jonathan Williamson

Bryna Weiss

Lauren Wolanski

Selena Kay

Allison Harris

Jessica Powell

Eleanor Foss

Georgia Tannis

Editor Julie Simmons @ Saints Editorial 
Online Editor & Motion Graphics Tiff Wice
Colourist James Graham @ Alter Ego Post

Sound Mixer Kevin Fallis

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